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Product Detail


OG400-CI8D Narrow CI Type Web Flexo Printing Machine
OG400-CI8D Narrow CI Type Web Flexo Printing Machine
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Materials for printing:

Continuously multi-colors printing for roll fabric with excellent printing performance, like PE/PA Tubular Casing film (50-150um) ect.

Printing colors:

  Full width Single side 8 colors or Half width Two sides 8+8colors printing

Main features:

1) Changing a set of plate roller (fastened after unloaded old plate roller and loaded new plate roller, and ready for printing plate mounted & color registered), it need 25 minutes only.

2) Prompt print for production once printing plate mounted & color registered, no need to adjust plates again, improved production yield.

3) After plate rollers initially loaded, digital electrical controlled color registering adjustment system can achieve the horizontal & vertical color registering within 1min. at suggested speed at 50m/min.

4) Max production speed is up to 120m/min., registering allowance +/-0.1mm, the registering accuracy does not fluctuate during speed up or down.

5) Substrate’s tension is held during machine paused, avoids substrate shifted.

6) Automatic unwinding/ winding unit achieves auto substrate cutting/ rolls jointing/ rolls switching on running status, max enhanced the finished production rate.

7) Precise structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance & high automation, only ONE worker needed in machine operation.

Main Parameters:

1) Max. mechanical speed: 130m/min

2) Max. printing speed:  Single side printing: 90-120m/min  (Subject to substrate & ink spec.)

         Two sides printing: 70-100m/min   (Subject to substrate & ink spec.)

3) Substrate max. width: 450mm

4) Max. diameter of unwinding roll: φ450mm

5) Max. width of winding roll: 450mm

6) Max. diameter of winding roll: φ450mm

7) Max. printing width: 400mm

8) Repeat length: 290-450mm

9) Gearing: 5mm (change 1 tooth on the gear corresponding increasing or decreasing length of 5mm)

10) Printing plate correcting: horizontal: +/-10mm, vertical: +/-7.5mm, online (in machine running status) Digital control electric Quick Color Registering System (QCRS).

11) Dimension (L x W x H): 11.5 x 3.3 x 4.9m (L x W x H)

12) Printing colors: Full width Single side 8 colors printing

or Half width double side 8+8 colors

13) Printing plate: Polymer at 2.28mm, Thickness of double-sided adhesive tape at 0.38mm (Or by client’s option )

Available models:

Printing Color: 4 / 6 /8 colors

Speed : 100m/min, 120m/min

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